This is the website of the Glendix project, an attempt at porting ideas from the Plan 9 operating system to Linux. Our ultimate goal is to create a minimalist Linux distribution that contains a Plan 9 userspace, instead of the GNU software that is usually provided by most distributions. We are currently restricting our work to the x86 platform only.


The binary format loader for the Plan 9 a.out executable format has been written. We also have a set of patches for the Linux kernel that allow Plan 9 executables to run correctly (which we are trying to get integrated into the mainline kernel sources). Of the 51 system calls present in Plan 9, we have written equivalents of the most essential ones, allowing simple executables like cat, sed, grep and even the Plan 9 C compiler, 8c to run unmodified on Linux.

We are now turning our attention to writing equivalents of the filesystems provided by Plan 9, starting with /net.

Setting up Glendix on your computer is a reasonably involved process, check out our quickstart document for more info.

Latest Source

To get a copy of the latest development code using git:

git clone https://github.com/anantn/glendix.git


For instant gratification, we have an IRC channel where you can usually find the developers: #glendix on irc.freenode.net. For more long-term, serious discussion, you are invited to join our mailing list (hosted at Google Groups). Earlier discussion regarding Glendix was mostly restricted to the 9fans list.


The kernel modules are licensed under GPLv2. All userspace code is licensed under the MIT License. Software distributed in Plan 9 is subject to the Lucent Public Licence.