Because we are a small and new project, documentation is quite sparse. We do however, have a full report on the basics and shorter, more concise paper on the overall architecture.

When in doubt, look at the code. Or maybe contact one of us to clear it all up :)

We do recommend reading the shorter IWP9 paper.

For information on how to setup Glendix on your computer see our quickstart document.


A 27 page project "report" on the what, why and how of Glendix. Covers most of the fundamentals of the design, but some aspects may be outdated. Read it here (pdf)

IWP9 Paper

This is a shorter, more concise overview of the project. It was submitted and presented at the 3rd international workshop on Plan 9. More up to date than the report, but we code everyday, so no guarantees! Get it here (pdf)